2G Internet Subscribers End By June 2019 Says CMR

Due to the decrease in the cost of data and 4G mobile coming into the market every day, until June 2019, 2G internet subscribers will end in India. This is what CyberMedia Research has said in a report. The situation is that who will talk about 2G, 3G phones are becoming history now.

The trend has changed since the entry of Reliance Jio in the telecom market in September 2016. All companies are working on the 4G network. It is estimated that in the first quarter of 2020, there will be no single 2G internet users in India.

The situation has become so that now the feature phone is getting 4G VoLTE support. Smartphone companies are now working on 4G smartphones and feature phones instead of 2G-3G. In the coming time, there will be a 4G default network like 2G.

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