When 5ft long snake found in the plane, passengers screaming

Written by Anuj Prajapati

In a recent flight, a city in Alaska, about 5 feet snake was hidden under the passengers’ seat. People came into the panic after seeing him. Actually, only 15 minutes after takeoff, travelers were informed that there was a snake on the plane. Immediately after the announcement of the pilot, a child found this snake hidden beneath his seat.

Flight attendants and pilots controlled the situation as soon as they got the information. The 4 to 5 feet tall snake was neither poisonous nor violent. She was sitting quietly in the seat.

A flight attendant caught this snake and put it in the trash bag and it completed his trip in a plastic trash bag. Even after receiving the news of the snake, there was some kind of flurry on the flight.

Yet, people just wanted to see this snake just once. According to Alaska spokeswoman William Walsh, the owner of the snake did not make any registration related to pets and the aircraft has been tried to break the airline’s policy by bringing a venomous snake. Now no one knows where this snake came on the plane.

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