Accidentally Rahul Gandhi Enters Ladies Toilet In Gujarat

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is on a tour of Gujarat these days, due to the forthcoming assembly elections. In all these rallies BJP is on Rahul’s target and he is criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During this rally, there was an incident which caused Rahul to become a victim of the joke. Actually, during the rally in the small Udaipur district, Rahul accidentally entered the ladies toilet.

Rahul was talking to the youth during ‘Dialogue’ meeting here. After the meeting was over, Rahul went out of the hall and entered the restroom instead of men. However, there was no signboard outside the restroom.

Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat


Women were written in Gujarati outside of the toilet, but Rahul did not pay attention to it and went straight into the restroom. After Rahul went to the toilet, the SPG commander and the media personnel started looking for him and stood outside the toilet.

Local people told that Rahul came out of the toilet as soon as the people standing there started to laugh. It was recorded in the camera of all Media workers.

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