At the age of 5, this child is handling the whole house, photo will make you tears

Written by Anuj Prajapati

At the age when the children play, they go to school, at that age a girl is handling the whole house. Yes, even though you may feel strange to hear it but this is true. China’s 5-year-old Ana Wang takes care of the house so well at such a young age that you can not think. The responsibility of grandma and grandfather is on this innocent child.

The life of 5-year-old Ana Wang, living in China, is very different from other children’s lives. His day begins with taking care of his grandmother and grandfather. Let us tell you that the attention of these two elderly people 5-year-old Anna alone.

When Anna was three years old, her father had been jailed. After the father’s jail, Anna’s mother married another and left Ana’s grandmother’s extradition. Both of these women are physically very weak and can not take care of Ana.

5-year-old Anna takes care of her grandmother and 92-year-old grandparents. There is no one to handle these two except Ana. At the age when children go to school, Anna cooks for both of them and both of them feed themselves. Ana alone cleanses the whole house. Both elderly people also do not bathe.

Ana is not only at the age but also so small that she has to resort to a stool to reach the stove in the kitchen and then she leans forward and cooks.

Ana brings vegetables from the farm alone to the farm. Her grandmother and grandfather are troubled by the disease, so Ana has to take care of both of them.

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