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Ancient Cities of mahabharata in the present time

Written by Anuj Prajapati

There are many theories and assumptions regarding Mahabharata. Some people believe it’s true, some of it merely informs the narrative. Here is some cities name which mentions in Mahabharata. Some of these have now become tourist spots are in some other countries.



In Mahabharata, Takshashila was the capital of the Gandhar region. It is currently called Rawalpindi which is in Pakistan. Takshashila is also the city of knowledge and education.


Kandahar today’s ever known as Gandhar. Pakistan, Afghanistan and across the country was far from Rawalpindi.

Kekaya Pradesh

Kekaya Pradesh north of Jammu and Kashmir state, as is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Jaysen married to the sister of King Vasudeva Radhadevi. His son Vind Jarasandha, was a friend of Duryodhana.

Indraprastha and Khandwprsth

Khandwprsth mentioned in the Mahabharata and Indraprastha which he is currently India’s Delhi capital.

Panchal Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district of Farrukhabad, Bareilly, Budaun and the ancient name of the state. Kanpur, Varanasi, in the middle of the Gangetic plain was spread.Panchal Pradesh was located between the Himalayas and the river Chamba on both sides of the river Ganga.


Mahabharata, also known today in Vrindavan which is currently located in Uttar Pradesh.


Mathura has been mentioned in Mahabharata. Lord Krishna was born here in the Fatherland faithful still come to visit.


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