Ankita Singh Body Builder Fitness model success story

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Body Builders You may have seen many, but today we are going to meet you with a bodybuilder who looks good. The bodybuilder is from Uttar Pradesh, whose name is Ankita Singh. This is not less than any model. She keeps herself fit enough, and she gives credit to this fitness to an incident.

Ankita says that during her second year of engineering in Bangalore, she had fallen in love with a boy. But later, the couple separated for some reason and due to this, Ankita went into depression. To get out of this, they resorted to regular gyming and gradually made herself very fit.

Let us tell you that Ankita is a fitness model and bodybuilder as well as Software Developer. And at the same time, Ankita also thanks to the boy who left him, due to which he joined the gym and made herself fit.

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