Bentley Launch Flying Spur V8S Black Edition

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Bentley, which is considered to be a luxurious car, has screened its new model. Bentley’s new car Flying Spar V8S Black Edition has been launched. It has come in the market with great looks and spectacular features for the people. It’s Black Edition is appealing to the Flying Spar V8 people. Black Edition has been prepared on Flying Spar V8S. There are many cosmetic changes in its design and cabin. Flying Spur V8S Black Edition price is more than the regular model.

Flying Spur V8S Black Edition

The feature is that customers can opt for Black and Red Brake Clippers as per their preference. In addition, the option of a 21-inch 5-spock alloy wheel is also included. Considering the look of the car, Black Bezel and dark treatments have been provided on the Black Edition headlamps and taillamps. Glossy black-finishing is given on window, radiator, door handle, and headlight washer cap.

Flying Spur V8S Black Edition

Considering the color of the car, keeping the black theme in mind, the 21-inch 7-spock black alloy wheels are given in it. Piano black finishing and three-spock sport plus steering wheel are given in the cabin. Red strips have been given to its seats to bring sporty fill in the cabin. It has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a regular model, which provides a torque of 528 pcs power and 680 nm of torque. It takes 4.9 seconds to get the speed of 100.

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