Best apps to help you quit smoking

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Smoking is not easy to quit and needs all the motivation you need to tolerate those nicotine cravings. Fortunately, technology has an answer to everything. Today, you can find a number of apps for your smartphone that can give you the much-needed push to help you quit smoking.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach

Coming from health and fitness giant Livestrong, the MyQuit Coach is approved by physicians and helps you set targets whether you are a current smoker or have quit recently. It is available for iPhone users and boasts plenty of features like a personalized quitting plan, tracking your daily consumption, uploading your own motivations, charts and graphs based on your usage history etc.

Quit Pro: Stop Smoking Now

The unique specialty of this app is that it helps you keep a track of when and where you smoke so you can understand what are the factors that induce your cravings. This can help you find out the moods and situations that lead you to smoke so you can avoid such instances. It also provides you with motivational quotes and helps you keep a track of how much you have smoked and how much money you saved.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking is an app for the Windows platform that is free. It has features like recording the time you have been smoke-free, how much money you saved, how many cravings you resisted and a timeline of expected health benefits. It also provides vital information about your progress every 30 minutes.

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