Bitcoin price drops, up to 30 percent lower price

There is bad news for those who have purchased the cryptocurrency bitcoin in the fast-paced discussion. Bitcoin rate has declined by 30 percent this week. According to a report, on Friday alone, rates have dropped by 15 percent.

Prior to falling prices, its rate in Hong Kong was $ 13649.72 per bitcoin. But now after the fall, it has become $ 13048 per bitcoin.

Earlier this year, Bitcoin popularity had risen so rapidly that in the last one year, its price was 1300 percent higher. But the speed in which Bitcoin has recently seen a decline is not an auspicious sign for this cryptocurrency. On the same day, the Bank of Japan Bank governor said that Bitcoin is not working as a common currency.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that we can also call the internet currency in the common language. We can not store bitcoin in our pocket or house because it is not in the form of any kind of note or any coin. Bitcoin can be used only online. There is no institution or government to regulate Bitcoin. It can be bought from any corner of the online world and can be sold anywhere. Bitcoin works on a particular type of online network and only people who join the network can buy or sell it.

How To Buy Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin can buy online from your local currency.
  • By selling any service or anything, you can take a bitcoin instead of that.
  • Apart from this, you can earn Bitcoin with the help of a website or application.
  • You can sell your bitcoin through bitcoin wallet and transfer the profits you get in return to your bank account.

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