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How to Book Reliance Jio Phone?

Written by Anuj Prajapati

After a long wait, the pre-booking of the world’s cheapest 4G Jio Phone is starting today. Booking of Jio Phone will start from 5.30 pm this evening. There are so many rumors and confusion about booking the phone, such as how the phone will be booked, where it will be, when it will be and how much money will be taken. So let us tell you the easiest way to book a Jio phone.

First of all, let’s tell you there are two ways to book a Jio phone, first online and second offline. Regarding online booking, you have to go to, and my Jio app. Wherever offline booking is concerned, the bookings will be from Retailers, Jio Store and Reliance Digital Store.

Jio Phone

Now the question is the easiest way to book a Jio phone, let you know that you can easily book the phone through the My Jio app. First, download the My Jio app on your phone. Now open the My Jio app. Now you will see the option of pre-book Now, tap on it. Now enter your phone number and enter your area’s zip code for phone delivery. Now click on the process and pay 500 rupees. Now your phone has been booked. You will get a booking confirmation via phone on the same number.

If you want to book a phone for someone else, then you have to book a friend’s phone just like you have booked your phone in my Jio app. Just give your friend’s mobile number instead of your phone number and insert his home code and make payment. You have just booked a friend’s phone. The message of booking will be found on your friend’s mobile and your mobile.

You have to pay 500 rupees for pre-booking, while at the time of delivery, you will have to pay 1,000 rupees. After this, if you want to return the phone for 3 years then you can return the phone to any Jio store and withdraw your Rs 1,500.

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