A Brilliant Live Performance with 100 Pipers ‘Play For A Cause’

Written by Anuj Prajapati

When it comes to classic rock of 1980s, Dire Straits comes up as one of the most prominent bands. With classics such as “Romeo & Juliet” and “Sultan of Swings”, this British band has clearly carved a niche in rock music scene. Recently, The Dire Straits Experience visited Bangalore and I had an opportunity to attend their concert and boy was I amazed!

On 19th March, The Dire Straits Experience performed live in Bangalore. I visited the concert with certain expectations but the band raised the bar above it. The band rocked throughout the performance and created a legendary example of how rock concerts should be. My favourite song has always been “Romeo and Juliet” and the band made me glee with joy by playing it during the live performance.

I was teleported back in time when rock songs used to weave stories, create memories and excite soul. The performance proved that Chris White and Terence Reis have not lost their pizzazz. I had an opportunity to witness the concert from very close, only a few feet away. The thumping speakers reverberated through my eardrums and made me ecstatic.

The ambience at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center was electric, buzzing with energetic symphonies. The exuberance displayed by the Band and the audience was unprecedented. It kept increasing along with the exceeding tempo of stunning tunes!

The entire Dire Straits Experience walked me through an odyssey of music. They played tunes from their albums “Love over Gold” and “Brothers in Arms” along with many more riveting symphonies. The music played by this band crafted many exhilarating moments for the crowd. They kept swooning with joy at every melody and with those guitar strums by Terence Reis, the crowd was ecstatic with appreciation. Terence Reis managed to exude a great vibe and delivered a remarkable performance.

The Dire Straits Experience concert was more than a lovely music concert. They also supported a cause to provide drinkable water to Rajasthan’s villages. The concert was organized by 100 Pipers Music CDs and I’m glad they did!

The Dire Straits Experience that performed in Bangalore had some of the original band members, and this combination of old and new did leave a mark. Together, these performers made a remarkable version of the Dire Straits band and brought back a lot of memories. The performance touched my musical roots and reminded me why I am such a big fan of rock music, especially the numbers from 80s & 90s. The performance lasted for 2 hours and it was so full of energy that it left me supremely energised and entertained. Cheers to Chris White, Terence Reis and the other band members who totally rocked the crowd. I’m glad I didn’t miss this concert and was thrilled to witness the epic show of rock music.


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