Broken mobile display will automatically recover

Researchers of Japan have made a new type of glass that cures itself when it breaks or gets damaged. Since this discovery, the long-running glass is expected to be easily available. Not only this, long-lasting glasses can be made not only for mobile or laptop but for TV, window, fish tank etc.

Chemistry researcher Yu Yanagisawa has discovered astonishing discovery at the University of Tokyo. At first, hearing this, the question comes to mind whether the broken glass will be cured automatically. Actually, it is not even true. However, after this discovery, it will be easier for researchers to step in the direction of making light, durable and long-lasting products of glass.

Broken mobile display

In a demo given to AFP, Yanagisawa broke a glass into two pieces. After this, they attached both pieces to about 30 seconds, so that they both came to their former state. Its strength also remained the same as before.

Let me tell you that the original glass is made of polyether thyrias, which is very close to the mineral glass. It is used in the smartphone screen. It helps in reconnecting broken pieces using hydrone bonding.

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