Careful! Your credit can be hacked in just six seconds.

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Experts have been warned between the government’s efforts to promote cashless transactions after the ban on the country, that credit or debit card can be hacked in just six seconds. Scientists believe that any credit or debit card number, expiry date, and security code can be hacked in just six seconds.

American academic magazine IEEE Securities and Privacy has published a research that explains how to easily get fraud in online transactions.

The UK’s Newcastle University team has been able to detect the loopholes in the visa payment system, and neither the network nor the bank is able to detect it through any card. Automatically and systematically, different types of card security data, hackers get a hit, so they are able to verify all the necessary security data within one second.

The New Castle team said that data of cards can be hacked through laptops and internet connections. He said that different types of information are bought in different websites at the time of online payment. It can be divided into three sections.

Information about different types of information about the mason, card number, and expiry date, CVV (security code) is sought. Since different websites do not correctly hold various invalid payments, therefore risk in online payment increases.

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