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China bicycle threat to India

There has been a stir in the Indian bicycle industry about China’s public bike sharing concept, which produces the highest bicycles in the world. The Indian industry is saying this system is deadly. This issue was discussed at the meeting of the leading organizations of the bicycle industry and the country’s leading bicycle manufacturers on Monday. People related to industry said that the way China is continuously infiltrating, it will end the existence of the bicycle industry from Ludhiana in the next ten years.

He said that the make-in-India slogan is being given but it is not being implemented. China’s Purchase of Bicycles through PBS is being pumped in the Indian market. Even if 30 percent of anti-dumping duty is applicable on bicycles in the country, but due to high product and stock in China, this duty is also not able to stop supply.

The experts said that the PBS system should be brought but only Indian bicycles should be used in it. In China, there is a traffic problem from the PBS concept, due to which it is being controlled. In such a way China’s companies are turning towards India.

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