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Facebook Bring New Video Creator App

To counter YouTube, social media giant Facebook brought a new app. This creator of Facebook will provide exclusive tools to make App Video. According to Facebook, a separate section will be made available in the desktop version, named Facetime for Creators. From here, Video Creators will learn ways to make your video more awesome.

Great Feature For Video Creators

This app has special features for live video. With this help, any video can be included in custom intro and outros. Before the video starts, the visuals that come with the logo are called intro and the visuals at the end of the video are called outros. With the help of this app, the creator will also be able to add great stickers, video frames in the video.

What are the advantages of these features

In fact, video creators from all around the world share videos on Facebook, but now they will be able to post and share videos. With the help of this new app. Video creators will be able to easily update the videos, update the stories, and also live video with some features. The Facebook Creator App is specially launched for the user who created the video and ran the Facebook page.

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