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Facebook Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Every smartphone user uses Facebook. There are many special features in Facebook that can make user’s life easier. Facebook has been used by people for years. But there are some such features that people do not know about. Here we are giving information about some such special features of Facebook.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Manage Facebook Ads

The Ads in the Facebook are disturbed the users. But you can manage the Ads that you see on Facebook in your own way. Facebook allows its users to manage Ad that looks in their newsfeed. You can go to the Facebook’s Preferences page and remove the Ad which you do not want to see.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Updates to Status with Text Message

In Facebook, you can update your status via SMS. You can also get notifications coming into Facebook. For this, you have to go to the mobile settings and activate text messaging. After this, you have to type in a specific number that will be posted to your account. If you use feature phones and your phone does not have much internet data, then you can easily update the status in your Facebook account through this feature.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Information About people coming to your account

You can find the logging information of your Facebook account through this feature. When you go to the Security of the account, you will see a list there. In this list, you can find information about all the devices from which you were logged into Facebook or Messenger. If you do not recognize a location or device in the list, click on “End Activity” to close it.

Facebook Tips and Tricks

You can copy your Facebook data

Facebook gives users the option to download all of their existing data. This includes your status, photograph, and apps that you use. In addition, it includes your clicked ads, your face identity data, and your IP address information. You can get a complete list of all the things that can be downloaded from Facebook’s help site. For this, you have to go to the settings of your Facebook account. After that, click on download copy below in General Account Settings.

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