First Tesla Electric SUV car register in mumbai

India’s first electric SUV car Tesla X was registered on Friday in Mumbai RTO. This electric SUV is named after Prashant Ruia, CEO of Car Essar Group. RTO sources said that due to the electric car it has been exempted from RTO tax and cess. There is a tax of Rs 20 lakh on the imported car more than one crore rupees.

Tesla Electric SUV Car is registered 16th Electric Vehicle in Mumbai. 9 Vehicle torrido has been registered in RTO, three in Andheri RTO, three Borivali RTO, and one Wadala RTO. At present, five electric buses are being run in South Mumbai. The NDA has to communicate the electric vehicle in India by 2030 that will help prevent greenhouse gases from growing.

Tesla Electric SUV

Tesla Electric SUV car feature

It is capable of catching the speed of 100 kmph in 2.9 seconds. It will be easy to get in and out of the Falcon Doors, which are open from above. This car has a seating arrangement for 7 people. Its base variant P75D has a 75 kW battery.

Tesla claims that once full charge, this car will be able to travel up to 381 km. Speaking of the price, its price ranges from 73,800 to 128,300 dollars (about 48 lakh to 83 lakh rupees). People will be worth more than 10 million after tax.

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