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Food Tips: Avoid These Foods in Fever

When a person has a disease, it is important to avoid some foods but most people are unaware of it. Today, we will tell you about what kind of disease should be eaten and what should be avoided.

1. Anything in the fever does not feel like drinking water. If you do not eat anything then weakness starts to fill, but some people eat such things, which have a bad effect on the fever.

Oily foods, excessive tea-coffee, should be avoided with high salt content, cold water, and urad dal.

2. Most people today are troubled by the problem of diabetes, it does not immediately take the name of leaving the chase. To avoid this, taking medication as well as consuming some essential things is also important.

Avoid consumption of high-calorie foods, more sweet, ice cream, mango, banana, and grapes etc., as it can cause diabetes damage.

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