Ghost like the human shadow in the sky

Written by Anuj Prajapati

There is a strange incident in the country of Zambia. Around 100 meters long shadows in the sky have appeared above a mall. People are afraid to see it and run away. In some areas of Zambia, locals in the mububa mall suddenly saw a very large black cloud about 100 meters long in the sky, after which there was an atmosphere of rage confusion. This shadow was like a very big human in appearance.

The head and forehead of the human was visible in the black shadow visible from this human in the clouds above the shopping center. It seemed as if it was made of a dense black-shaped white material from a distinct light of clouds.

People were afraid to see it and ran away. People felt that it was coming closer to the shopping center, because of which people started fleeing even more quickly. This shadow remained visible in the sky for almost half an hour, after which many people began to believe that this is a form of God. Some people started worshiping it as well.

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