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Google Home, Home Mini Smart Speaker set to launch soon in India

Google Home and Google Home Mini Smart Speakers will soon launch in India, possibly next month. Given the information was given by Redington India to its retail partner. Google plans to launch its smart speaker in India in April 2018. Remember that just a few months ago, the technology company Amazon had launched eco, eco-dot and eco-plus smart speakers in the Indian market.

Google launched its smart speaker Google Home in 2016. Whereas Amazon’s Speaker of the Echo Series comes with Alexa Voice Assistant, Google Assistant in Google Home will help. If you buy Google Home, you will be able to interact with your device. For this, you need to identify your voice during setup. As soon as this speaker gets accustomed to your voice, it will easily understand the instructions given by you. This device can do many things in your home except playing songs. You will also get the answer to any of your questions, which usually requires searching on Google. There are several options for changing the base of Google Home.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

Talking about Google Home Mini, it’s like Amazon’s Echo Dot. It is made for use in the room. So that it can provide Google Home’s facilities for different people in one home. This compact and cheap speaker was launched in October last year.

At present, information about the price of Google Home and Home Mini is not available in India Market. In the US market, the price of Google Home is $ 129 (about Rs 8,400) and the Google Home Mini smart speaker is available at $ 49 (about Rs 3,200).

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