Google is also bringing fast e-Wallet Google Tez in India

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Encourage digitization in India with a loud noise. Especially for digital transactions. While caching this spot, many companies brought e-wallet-like facilities. Now American tech company Google is also going to launch a new Google Tez app in India.

According to reports, Google has given this new app a Tez name. Hopefully, this service will be started in India by the end of this month. E-wallet is like a virtual purse, which can be used only online.

Under this, all payments are made quicker, saving time. Currently, we use debit and credit card and cash usage for payment. Looking at other Google services, this service already exists on Google Wallet and Android.

However, they do not work in India. In the coming times, Google may also offer several other options in many UPA-based service wallet. Let’s say that the social messaging app whits app is also engaged in the testing of the digital wallet.

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