Google is launching a new app, anyone can become journalist

Google is now testing a new app, after launch, a citizen will be able to report local news and able to publish their news. Google has named this app as Bulletin. Google says about this app that they want to increase local coverage. Google latest app can help you to become a journalist and give a chance to tell your story.

Google has said in the blog about the bulletin app, “If you can click the photo and send a message, you can create a bulletin story comfortably.”

anyone can become journalist

This app is currently being tested in two cities, including Nashville and Auckland. Giving information about this app, a Google spokesperson said that with the help of this app, people will be able to tell the world what is happening around them at any time.

Google further said that their direct aim of this app is to show hyper local news. A video of the launch of the Bulletin feature in Nashville has also been uploaded to YouTube, although there is no information about when this app will be launched in India.

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