Google spends more than 1 billion dollars for self driving car

Written by Anuj Prajapati

After all, it has been revealed that how much Google has spent in developing its own self-driving car. Google has escaped the threat of sharing this information, but this information has come up between Google’s legal battle between Vemo and Uber. It has been reported that Google has spent more than $ 1 billion or about 70 billion rupees on self-driving techniques.

self driving car

According to the IEEE Specrtum Foreign Magazine, this information has been received by the statement of financial analyst Sean Bananzadeh of Vemo. Bananjadevi is giving testimony in the ongoing trial against Uber. Vemo had filed a lawsuit against Uber in the beginning of 2017 and said that Uber had stolen information from Google and started working on a self-driving car. In the previous Uber and Google trial last month, the court sent summons to Alphabet Chief Executive Officer Larry Page for testimony. However, Vemo spokesman refused to comment on this report.

There will be no other device to control except the push button to stop and walk in the car. The next part of this car will be softened for the safety of the people. The next part will be made of soft material like foam. The mirrors in the window of this car are quite flexible so that there is less injury in case of accidents. There will be laser and radar sensors in this car. Apart from this, there will be a camera for taking data in it.

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