A guide to the ultimate clean shave

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Most men do not leave their house before tending to their facial hair – be it trimming, shaping or shaving it. Among all the facial hair fashions, men are usually torn among two major groups.

  • Bearded and clean shaven. While bearded men have a charm of their own, clean shaven too has its own identity that many women prefer to a bearded face. Here are some pointers to get the perfect clean shave:
  • Before shaving, decide if you want a dry or a wet shave. Dry shaving is the quickest so save it for those days when you are late for your work meeting. Wet shaving can be smooth and refreshing for your face if you use your shaving foam properly.
  • Make sure to wet your face properly and ensure that it is clean before you start to shave. A layer of dirt or oil can spell disaster for your skin while shaving as it can lubricate your pores and promote pimples. Avoid a hot shower as well, since it can make your skin hot, puffy and sweating.
  • Start by trimming as much as possible, giving more attention to long unruly hair strands. Apply shaving foam or gel and use circular movements when you begin to shave. Shave against the direction of the hair but avoid this if your skin is sensitive. Do not press the razor too close to your skin and do not over-stretch.
  • Always use an aftershave or a moisturizer once you have shaved.

Follow these tips to get the ultimate clean shave.

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