Honda is going to launch its cheapest bike

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Honda is going to launch its cheapest two-wheeler. However, the company has not yet disclosed about this two-wheeler. The company has sent a media invitation for this, in which no information has been provided about two-wheeler.

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Customers will have to wait a bit more to know about the new two-wheeler. The company has organized a program for the launch of this two-wheeler. During this program, the company will provide information about the new two-wheeler. It is being told that this two-wheeler can be an entry-level commuter bike whose price will be very low.

Two-Wheeler Feature

A bike can have an 110 cc engine, which will give the torque of power of 8 bhp and 9Nm. It is being told that this bike will be fought by the Bajaj CTB in the Indian market. The price of the bike is being told around 35,000 rupees.

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