Honeypreet kept Karwa Chauth for Ram Rahim

Written by Anuj Prajapati

The festival of Karva Chauth was celebrated across the country with joyful celebration. There was great enthusiasm for festivals in women and their husbands. The information about Karwa Chauth has been revealed that Honeypreet, the alleged daughter of Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim, who was lodged in jail on charges of rape, had also kept the fast of Karva Chauth. When a policeman arrived to give food in the lockup, she told such a thing to the policeman.

Though it is being said that this fast is kept for Baba, not for her husband. When asked to Honeypreet, she said that people keep this fast for him who is his friend, but we keep a fast for our father. However, Honeypreet had consumed water during this time. The kind of information that the police person has come from inside the prison, according to him, Honeypreet kept a fast for his father’s long life.


Honeypreet had questioned the woman officer, Karwa Chauth’s fast. Honeypreet had told that his father did many good deeds, in which women and girls used to fast the Karva Chauth for their long life. Honeypreet was called out for interrogation for some time but after that, she was sent to the cell.

It has been said that women living in Sadhvi and Dera used to keep fast for Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Significantly, both Honeypreet and his former husband used to be separated, and his husband alleged that Honeypreet had an illegal relationship with Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

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