How to be emotionally independent

Written by Anuj Prajapati

A life of emotional independence is cherished and desired by one and all. It allows you to be yourself and design your mood and self-esteem. You are not concerned about others opinions, and their feelings about you hardly  influence your lifestyle. Here are some helpful ways to achieve this:

Reframing the past

Whatever difficulties and bad moments you have faced in the past, reframing them in your mind can make you emotionally independent. Try to turn the negative images and feelings of low self-esteem upside down in your mind. Doing this can really make you get over the grudges and become stronger.

Try to know who you are

In order to be emotionally independent, it is essential to know who you are. Rather than forming opinion about yourself based on others judgment, it is better to get to know about yourself. Your identity should not be an outcome of other sources, so it is better to sit down for self-introspection.

Forgive and forget

In order to put behind the past and move ahead freely, it is essential to get rid of the previous baggage. Free yourself from the past and forgive those who have hurt or troubled you. Whether your family has hurt you in any manner or your friends, forgive them as this is the only way you can move away from hate, anger and rage.

These are the best ways to achieve emotional independence. So follow these tips and see yourself as a happy and confident individual.


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