Jeep Compass gets 5 star rating in Crash Test

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Before buying any car, every person wants to know their security parameters before the features. Jeep Compass, which recently launched in India, has received more than 10 thousand bookings till now.

Now the European New Car Assessment Program has tested the crash of this newly launched car. In this crash test, not only did Jeep Compass pass but also got the 5-star rating. This crash test was done at Jeep Compass Diesel 4 * 4 Ltd Variants.

Jeep Compass

Image Credit: Jeep Compass

In the test, the Passenger Safety and Child Passenger Safety have performed well in both categories by Compass. In terms of security, in this model, in addition to the airbag, many other features such as seat belts, pre-tensioners, load limiters, seat belt reminder, ISoffics child seat anchors, anti lock braking system are also provided.

In the Adult Passenger Safety, the compass score was 90{1154825eec990eb24260305d599f09fa1fc6d7547b9fd2b531810dc21d47c956}. The possibility of an injury to the passenger is very low when there is a collision in front and back. On the other hand, in the case of Child Safety, Compass has given 83 percent score.

Jeep Compass

Image Credit: Jeep Compass

Jeep compass is also 64 percent safe in case of passenger passengers. It has an automatic emergency brake system, which ensures safety.

A few months ago, in the same test, the car of the international brand like Renault Duster had failed. In this test, Reno Duster got 0 stars in Adult Safety and 2 stars in Child Safety. After the duster without an airbag, the duster of the airbag was also tested. Duster also got 3 and 2-star ratings in this category. What is interesting is that in 2015, when the crash test of Reno Duster was made in Latin America, it got 4 stars rating.

Jeep Compass

In Jeep Compass, you combine 1.4 liters turbocharged petrol and 2 liters of the four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. Petrol engine produces 160 bhp power and torque of 260 nm. The diesel engine produces a power of 170 bhp and a torque of 350 nm. In the car, you get the 6-speed unit manual gearbox and 7-speed unit automatic gearbox option. In the SUV, you get a four wheel drive system.

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