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Lenovo Z5 Smartphone may have 4 TB Memory, Check Price and specifications

Users are quite upset about the storage capabilities of smartphones. In most smartphones, storage can be increased through memory cards, but many people find such storage too low. A smartphone can be launched for such users.

There is so much memory available in this smartphone, which can be hard to believe by listening to you. If you think of the report, the smartphone will soon be launching the phone with 4 TB storage in the smartphone market.

Lenovo Vice President Chang Cheng has released a teaser on Chinese networking website Weibo. Here’s what Lenovo’s upcoming smartphone is about. It is being told that this smartphone is coming with 4TB memory. If this happens, then it is going to be the first smartphone to come up with so much storage.

It is said about Lenovo that it is going to make its return with two new features. One will have a phone with 4TB storage. The company’s vice president claims that one million photos can be saved on this phone. Apart from this, 2 thousand HD movies can also come. Lenovo’s name will be Lenovo Z5.

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