Life Tips: Be Safe And Drive Safe

In today’s modern era, road accident is a common issue. In fact, increasing number of vehicles and road safety is a major problem in India. The top reasons for such road accidents are ignorance of the traffic rules, fast driving, drink and drive and driving in the wrong direction.

The main victim of road accidents is the young generation. People believe in superstitions but not in actual tangible protection measures. Nimbu-mirchi or daahi shakkar are not going to prevent an unforeseen mishap.

In such case, an insurance policy is a significant measure than any superstitious belief. If you have a car, a motorbike or any other vehicle then vehicle insurance plan or motorcycle insurance is important for you. This type of insurance policy proves to be helpful in case of accident or theft.

two wheeler insurance

These days, there are many expenses incurred on vehicles, even for minor damages. If your vehicle is Policy Insured, then there is no need to panic as you can claim from the company for the loss.

Some insurance plans also offer a third-party policy which covers your legal liabilities towards third parties for injuries, permanent total disability, death, and property damage arising due to an accident involving your vehicle.

What is third party insurance?

In this cover, the beneficiary of the policy is someone other than the two parties involved in the contract that is, the insured and the insurance company. The policy does not provide any benefit to the insured. however, it covers the insured’s legal liability for death/disability of third party loss or damage to third party property.

Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

The coverage you opt for does impact your quotes. Moreover, choosing a suitable coverage helps you to make the most of your financial protection for your two wheeler insurance

two wheeler insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

This one covers losses/damages to you and your bike as well as protects you against third-party liabilities. It’s the type of bike insurance that people opt for if they want financial protection from losses caused due to accidents, theft and natural disasters.

For all-round financial protection, the comprehensive plan is any day recommended by the experts. It consists of both third-party premium and own-damage (OD) premium.


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