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Lifetime Free Unlimited Calling App

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Unlimited free calling these days with many telecom companies are bringing a new plan. Now to tell you that there’s an app that can help Lifetime Free Calling, your reaction would be what? Yes, it may sound surprising, but it is completely true. Indeed, a free Android app user can call free with the help of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a fixed range. It works in the 100-meter radius. So, when you are calling from Bluetooth will then be in the range required. Additionally, both the smartphone App for Bluetooth calling is necessary. Overall this app you can convert into two smartphone walkie-talkie.


We tested the app to install the two smartphones. The call is connected immediately and clear voice was coming up to 50 meters. As the distance increases Disturbers then began to voice went. The inside and the outside of the hall was a user.

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