How to manage your mail better

Written by Anuj Prajapati

In the past decade, Indian users have embraced the internet and made it an important aspect of their life. One of the most prominent dependencies noticed among internet users is their involvement with emails, both personal and professional. In fact, it can get difficult to keep a track of emails due to the abundance of subscriptions and social media accounts. Here are few tips to manage your emails in an effective way.

For Gmail users

For those who use Gmail, Google has launched an app called Inbox. This is great in categorizing emails to avoid all the confusion caused by unorganized emails lying in your inbox. It divides your emails into Social, Travel, Finance, Updates, Forums and Promos. For example, any notification from your Facebook or Google Plus account will be sent to the Social tab.

Managing multiple accounts

If you have many email accounts ranging from Gmail to Yahoo!, Outlook and iCloud, then CloudMagic is for you. You can view separate inboxes of your accounts from this single app. You can also add tools like Google Keep, Evernote, OneNote and Pocket for better productivity.

Keeping spam away

You may have given away your email ID while filling online forms and subscriptions. These instances are usually inviting doors for spammers to flood your inbox. Use MailDrop to create a temporary ID where all you need to do is enter your user name. It clears the fake inbox every 24 hours and all spam and attachments are discarded.

Try these effective methods to have a cleaner and better mailbox.


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