MNS leaders violence against Non-Marathi

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Once again in Mumbai, there has been a case of assault with North Indians. According to the information received, the assault of some people by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena activists has been reported. In this case, a video has been released, the video is being beaten by the MNS workers in North Indians running on the streets.

These people protested that Non-Marathi peoples are being given jobs in MIDC. MNS demanded that 80 percent jobs were given to Marathi people in this body. Significantly, the movement against the North Indians has been run by MNS in the past. In the work of distributing rickshaws in Mumbai, MNS chief Raj Thackeray had opposed the importance of not giving importance to Marathis and distributing rickshaws to the north Indians.

MNS leaders violence


On the other hand, the petitioner Sailake Chand Jain, who filed a petition for the murder of two North Indian doctors, had opposed the MNS in a PIL filed in the Supreme Court. The petition said that Dr. After the murder of Vijay and Ajay Dubey, do not take necessary steps. Even before this, appeals have been made about the MNS’s move in the court and questions have been raised about the government.

On the other hand, information has come out that in the order of the bail of Vakroli Metropolitan Magistrate in one case of violence against North Indians, it was said that Raj Thackeray will never give any speech or write articles, spreading social hatred ever. By completing a Bond paper they must be assured that they will never use poisonous language about provincialism and neither try to incite the crowd or more than one organized party.

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