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Mumbai Man Ordered Iphone 8 From Flipkart But Get Soap Bar

If you are also fond of online shopping, then you need to be careful, because a young man from Mumbai bought online iPhone 8 but got soap in the box. The name of the man is Tabrez Mahabob Nagali and he has lodged a complaint in this regard.

According to a report by Mumbai Mirror, Tabrez ordered iPhone 8 through Flipkart on January 21, and the next day the phone was delivered on behalf of Flipkart, but when the package was opened, it got soap instead of the iPhone 8. Tabarez said that he opened the package in front of two people, and out of it, the pink color soap came out.

Iphone 8 From Flipkart

After that, Tabrez complained to Flipkart’s Customer Care, the company promised to resolve the matter till January 25, but no reply came till Jan 29. After this, the company has blacklisted the young man after calling again.

After this, Tabrez has complained about fraud in the police station. Station Police Inspector Avinash Shingte told that they will soon inquire into the matter with the Delivery Boy. A Flipkart spokesperson has said that they are also investigating the case.

There are many cases in the previous history of smartphone fraud. Sometimes people got damaged piece and sometimes they got wrong stuff.

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