Mysterious Creature Found On Sea Beach that makes you scared

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Harvey showed a mysterious creature with a sharp tooth in Texans, America after Hurricane. A lady named Preeti Desai saw this creature on the coast of Texas and then posted her picture on Twitter asking for information. He posted many photos and wrote, what’s this?

Mysterious Creature

Preeti Desai’s request was sent to biologist and fish specialist Dr. Kennith Tighe, who believe that this is a sharp-edged snake-eel. He said it could be a garden because these three species are found in Texas and their teeth are big and pointed. It is believed that Harvey has brought this creature along with strong winds and floods. Although it has not been clear how it came to the coast. Snake-eel with pointed teeth is usually found in the depths of 30 to 90 meters.

This Creature found in the Atlantic Ocean is also known as Tusky Eil. Preeti Desai, who reached the beach to take stock of the damage caused by the hurricane, told the BBC that It was completely unexpected, it was not what you usually see on the beach. I thought it came to the beach by the depth of water. She said that her initial response was the curiosity of what it is.

Desai said that I took a picture of it and posted it on Twitter because I know that many scientists use it too. A friend of mine responded immediately and contacted Dr. Tighe. She said that I follow many scientists and researchers, there are many good communities, which are very helpful, especially when there is a question related to the identification of any organisms or plants.

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