Mysterious Creatures found in the sea

Written by Anuj Prajapati

An incident in Maharashtra was not common for those people. There was a similar incident recently, after which the local people were shocked. Indeed, in the middle of Vijayadurga, in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, in the morning, a giant creature caught in the fisherman’s trap while catching fish in the sea.

Like the blade of this creature about 15 feet long, two thirty teeth were turned outwards. His weight was 700 kg. A crowd gathered to see that creature.

The fisherman told that it is difficult to get such creature. According to the fisherman, when he found this creature he had already been injured. That creature would have tried to get out of the trap, due to which he got injured and died.

According to the people of the area and the fisherman, in some places even before the Sindhudurg area, there are some species of rare species of fish which are caught in the trap of Aksar fishermen.

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