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The Mysterious light that comes into the well

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Near the town of Sintra, Portugal is a mysterious well. One special thing about it is that the light is emanating from the well. Until today no one would know about it, why is not found. There are still a source of light in the well inside the light comes out of the well.

Wishing Well it (which will pit) treats and put coins in it. Recognize that it is doing so wish. It is a World Heritage Site. It is built on the place where he is thousands of years old.


The architecture is gorgeous. It continues to go down around the gallery, which are winding stairs. Level 9 is the heaven of heavens reflect 9. Many in the tunnels where the light comes from the ground, which seems like a lot of LED lights.

Kyunta Rigaleria 5 floors in the palace. The hall, dining room, billiard room, bedroom and balcony. Beautiful gardens, lake, fountains and Aquarium. There are many tunnels in the palace Cave Lydia is special. These tunnels are interlinked.

The last such place Sintara tells about its history. Seeing it learns that it is not designed for water storage. It is said that such a secret manner wells inverted shape of the tower were made to learn some disciplines. But it is not clear what they were used.

How to reach
Address: Rua Barbosa two Bokej 5, Sintra, Portugal
The time: 9.30 am to 5 pm

Go to Lisben Portela Airport. This is the place to get a taxi. Delhi, Munhi Lisben Direct flights operate from.

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