Mystery: For Millions of years, the complex was hidden inside the sea

Written by Anuj Prajapati

There have been many such things so far from the sea, which still remains a mystery to the people. Recently Marine Engineers have discovered a complex about 2 million years old near Bermuda Triangle.

Canadian company Marine engineer Pauline Zalitzki and her husband Paul Weinzwel have claimed that they have seen a complex of about two million years old near the Bermuda Triangle in Atlanta.

They have also released some photos and videos of them. But for the Scientist this mystery remains how can this place be so old and who has made it. At the same time, geologists say that it will take at least 50 thousand years for the city to be drowned.

However, Dr. Robert Ballard, professor of ocean science, says that if there was a human being at that time then how could anyone go so far in the sea? However, some people also say that due to earthquake and flood, this city will be devastated. But the truth is, it has not been solved till now.

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