Nandi hills best travel place near bangalore

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Nandi hill is one of the best tourist places near Bangalore city. Nandi receives a rainfall of 100 to 150 cms every year. Nandi hill Climate 25 to 28 centigrade temperature during summer and 8 to 10 centigrade in winter.

Nandi hill is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. for public for visit so make your schedule according to that.

Nandi hills top point is 4851 ft (1478 meter) above sea level. it’s a Highest place in the eastern parts of Karnataka. Nandi hill gets its name from the Thousand year old sculpture of Nandi which sits in an ancient temple deep within the hills.


Nandi hill really a cost effective tourist place for the Bangalore people you can enjoy nice fun over there due to the nice atmosphere and a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

If we Look in the History Marathas took the hill and held it for some time. After many sieges by opposing forces of Madhava Rao Peshwa in 1770, The hill passed into the hands of Hyder Ali of Mysore. Hyder Ali and his son Tippu Sultan strengthened that time.


Last, if you ever visit Nandi hills share your experience in comments.

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