Ola Start a new cycle service for minimum distance

Ola is testing cyclical rental service named Ola Pedal in the IIT Kanpur campus. An OLA executive said, 500-600 bicycles are available on the entire campus. Students can also hire bicycles in the same way they can book cabs through the ola app.

A person aware of the company’s plan said that if this pilot project is successful, then Ola can present a better version of this service in the coming months. He said, “It is believed that there is scope for cycling among the youth to be popular, so this service will be tested at the campus before making it popular among the common people.”

ola cycle service

He said that there are no better security features in Ola’s existing bicycles introduced at IIT Kanpur, but in the next lot, the QR code and GPS tracking system are expected.

In IIT Kanpur, users are provided with a free cycle of 30 minutes under trial run. The Ola executive mentioned above said, “There is a lot of subsidy on this, so the students will meet the needs of the community till the speed of the Ola pedal service is upbeat. After the first 30 minutes free ride, the cost is just 5 rupees for the next 30 minutes. ‘

Ola’s statement said, “We are getting a very positive response about Ola Pedal in all the campus and cities of the country. We are working to increase the scope of our offers in the coming weeks. “

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