OMG: Folded electronic scooter launched

Now the Folded electronic scooter launched in the market and the price of this unique scooter is not less than any luxury car. The Consumer Electronics Show running in Las Vegas, in 2018, the Ujet Company has shown this scooter to the world. Know the special features of the scooter.

Charging this scooter one time can be carried 125 kilometers. The standard model of this scooter 80 km range is worth 6.16 lakh rupees. While the price of 160 km range is 7.04 lakh rupees. In this scooter, 3 riding modes – Eco, Normal and Sport have been given.

Folded electronic scooter launched

The price of this scooter is close to 8 lakh rupees. The electric motor in the scooter generates the power of 5.44bhp and the torque of 90Nm. Scooters have GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth with Bluetooth. According to the company, this scooter can be operated at 72 kilometers per hour charge.

This scooter sale has started in Europe. Along with this, the company is going to present this scooter in Asia soon. In the changing world, new industries are changing every day and auto companies are launching some superb models every other day. There is a lot of options for cars and bike lover.

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