In Pakistan, the dog is imprisoned for one week and then the sentenced to death

Written by Anuj Prajapati

In Pakistan, a very strange case has come up. In the Punjab province here, a dog bites a child, in which he was sentenced to death.

Pakistan court sentenced a dog to death for bites the child. The court said that the dog has injured the child so he should be killed.

This incident of the Kalor province of Pakistan. According to Geo TV, the dog had cut the child, due to which the Assistant Commissioner Raja Salim has sentenced him to death. Delivering the death sentence to the dog, Salim presented a rather absurd argument. He said that this dog has injured the child so he should be killed. The Additional Deputy Commissioner has appealed against the punishment of the owner of the dog.

Geo TV is informed by the owner of the dog Jamil, that a case has been registered on behalf of the family of the child whose dog has been bitten. After this case, the dog has already cut a one-week sentence in jail. Now if he was given any other punishment then it would be unfair to him. Owner Jamil says that he will knock on every door to get his dog to get justice.

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