Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat: Oppose BJP and Narendra Modi

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is on the campaign against the ruling BJP in central Gujarat these days. During this, he termed the BJP government extremely disappointing. They made comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that PM Narendra Modi’s focus is not on jobs.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, while visiting Central Gujarat, made comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government of the state on Tuesday. He had said that the Narendra Modi government of the Center implemented GST but ignored its provisions. People have faced difficulties in determining the different rates for GST.

Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat

He said that the government had imposed a demonetization, after which there were disappointing results. People were surrounded by unemployment. After all, this is a Gujarat model. In which farmers, small businessmen, poor and Dalit are all upset. He said that you choose us, then look at the Gujarat Model of Congress.

We will show the country how it will be the model. Significantly, there are 63 seats in Central Gujarat, out of which 40 are BJP, 21 Congress, and 2 others. Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to Dwarka in Gujarat.

In Dwarka of Gujarat, he mentioned the actions and achievements of the central government and criticized the Congress. On the other hand, BJP President Amit Shah today criticized the Congress by addressing the attendees in Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency Amethi.

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