Regional languages dominate world of Internet: Report

According to a report, regional users in the country are dominated by regional languages and it is expected to increase further in the coming time. According to this, by 2021, 75 percent of the total Internet users in the country will be using it in regional languages.

These findings have come out in the Times Internet Study. Accordingly, affordable smartphones, cheap 3G and 4G connections are promoting the use of internet in the country. The availability of high-speed internet is no longer limited to metros only and it is making huge changes in online content consumption.

Regional languages dominate

According to this, the basis of Regional Language Users in the country increased from 41 percent of the compounded rate between 2011 and 2016 and it increased to 234 million.

This can be up to 53.6 million by 18 percent year-on-year, by 2021 The number of content users in English can be up to 19.9 million by 2021, with the increase of three percent year-on-year.

Regional languages dominate

This study is based on opinions of more than nine million people. It shows the increasing use of regional languages content because more than half of the users are non-English languages.

According to this, more than two-thirds of Hindi readers now read English. According to this, regional languages have overtaken English, with a 66 percent share in total content consent. The most consumed content of regional languages is news related. As far as female users are concerned, most of the material demand has been seen in Gujarati language.

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