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Reliance Jio Booster Pack From Rs 11 To Rs 101 Offering Upto 6GB Data

Reliance Jio has updated several plans on the special occasion of Republic Day, which includes plans from Rs 149 to Rs 498. Many of these plans now get 1.5 GB data per day, which first got 1 GB. At the same time, for the Jio Phone, the company has introduced a plan of Rs 49, which offers unlimited calling with 1 GB data. Jio has also updated the booster pack in which a plan is Rs. 101 and it is getting 6 GB data in this plan. So let’s know about them.

Reliance Jio

Booster packs range from Rs 11 to Rs 101

Booster plans include plans ranging from 11 rupees to 101 rupees. First, talk about the 11-rupee plan, it will get 400 MB of data and there will be no validity. That is, the validity of the plan on your number will be validity with the same validity. You can take a booster plan after the data is finished.

Reliance Jio Revised this plan because before the same 11 RS plan offers only 100 MB data.

Reliance Jio

Apart from this, one GB data will be available in a booster pack of Rs 21, and 3 GB of data will be available in the Rs 51 plan, and in the pack of Rs 101, it will get 6 GB data. Let me tell you that in the first 11 rupees, 100 MB in the plan, and 1 GB in 51 packs. While the plans of Rs 21 and Rs 101 were not available.

Reliance Jio new data plan surely helps users to save money and get the very good amount of internet data.

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