RSS Thinker Gave Priyanka Gandhi an invitation to join rss

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is also targeting the RSS along with the BJP, Rahul Gandhi has no issues left in the country, then in the RSS branches, women Talking about discrimination, on which, the campaigner of the RSS has invited Rahul Gandhi, sister Priyanka Gandhi, to join the RSS session.

It is notable that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had said in a meeting in Gujarat on Tuesday that “RSS is discriminated against women, have you seen women wearing half-pants in the branches of RSS? RSS campaigner Rakesh Sinha, in which the RSS Thinker invited Priyanka Gandhi to come to the RSS Session to invite the status of women, Sinha said that Priyanka own views come to the treat the women in the union.

Rahul Gandhi in gujarat

Union thinker Rakesh Sinha reiterated Rahul’s statement saying that Rahul Gandhi does not know anything about RSS, I invite Priyanka Gandhi to join the Sangh, she herself should come to the RSS branches and see that with the women in the Sangh How it is treated.

Sinha said Rahul has insulted women, for which he apologized and told that the Sangh has been working in India for 90 years without telling him without knowing it.

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