Security Tips for Safe Mobile Payments

Do you use online payment applications to make shopping online or for any type of payment? It is easy to pay through the online payment application, but the concern when the security comes is justified. Hackers can easily steal your personal and banking information if the mobile app is not secure. Today, we will tell you about the important tips through which Secure Mobile Payments can be done.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Avoid public Wi-Fi and unsafe internet for online banking or shopping.

Security Tips for Safe Mobile Payments

Always choose a strong password

Always choose a strong password for online payment applications or net banking. Remember if you use special characters with uppercase and lowercase in the password, then better for security.

Do not click on links found in email

Keep in mind, never click on the link of online banking, mobile payment app or shopping website found in emails or in a message.

Download App from an official source

Download mobile payment apps from official stores like Google Play and Apple Store.

Security Tips for Safe Mobile Payments

Pay attention to app permissions

Please read them carefully before app grants them permissions. If you feel that a mobile payment app is seeking more permissions than needed, then do not install it. If you have any doubts about Permissions, you can also contact the app maker via Twitter handle or website.

Visit Familiar Websites

It is a good idea to use popular websites for online shopping and bill payment. A mobile security app is installed on the phone.

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