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How to send Blank Message on Whatsapp

Written by Anuj Prajapati

WhatsApp tricks and apps that are attached to many such chances come very handy. These applications use the user time to close and others may surprise. Is the name of one such app EmptyWhats

This is an app that allows a user to send WhatsApp messages on Blank. Blank feature to send the message still does not exist on WhatsApp. So before you send the message sender can surprise Blank.


Here is the Step:

Step 1: Download EmptyWhats App From PlayStore.

Step 2: Then we will open the app name appears as developer

Step 3: You now have blue, yellow and green logo will show three

Step 4: Click any Logo and that will open the WhatsApp

Step 5: Select User Whom you want to send the BLANK message.

Step 6: Go to the chat box to send messages


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