Suddenly all the people have disappeared from this city, what is the secret?

Written by Anuj Prajapati

There are many secrets hidden in this world. There are some who you will never even think about. You will be amazed to know about a similar secret associated with the past, which we are about to tell you.

Hundreds of years ago Honduras used to be a strange city in Central America. All the people living in that city were very rich The city used to be quite famous among the thick forests and the high hills.

It is said that some people of this city had insulted the god of the city, which was called Monkey God, In this way, the god cursed the city, so that all the people living in this city disappeared in the same night.

Not only that, the entire city of the whole disappeared that night. There is no person left or no building there. This incident was really sensational.

Let us tell you about this 600-year-old story that it is said that whoever tries to find this city becomes a mysterious disease. In this disease, the person’s body started eating insects.

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