Tata electric car will run 100 kilometers on full charge

Written by Anuj Prajapati

The Tata company has introduced the Car Concept model of Car Tiago during the Vehicle 2017 event. Tell that this Tata electric car concept model has been prepared by Tata in the European Technical Center. Tata Motors has also developed Indica Vista Electric and Bolt Electric. These cars were also introduced at the LCV 2017 event. Talking of Tata Tiago electric model, it will have a power supply through the battery.

Tata electric car

According to the company, it will get around 115 pcs of power and 200 nm of torque. There will be single speed transmission in this. In a full charge, Tata’s car will cover a distance of more than 100 kilometers. Like the bolt electric, the battery is fitted in the bottom of the rear seats. This is less than 40 kg from the diesel version of Regular Tiago and about 20 kg from the gasoline version.

The car will take just 11 seconds to reach the speed of 100 kilometers per hour. In this list, also tell that the Indian government is promoting electric cars, in such a situation, the company can launch this car in India.

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